Beginning October 2012 I was part of a university student team, Kairos Games, entering the Make Something Unreal Live competition. The first stage was to create a game design pitch to narrow the competition down to 12 teams. These 12 teams were tasked with creating a tech demo and presenting it at the Wellcome Trust, London. From here the teams were narrowed down to 4, competing in the final at the Gadget Show Live exhibition 2013. Kairos Games were announced runners up at the end of the event. Additionally, Epic Games were so impressed with what we had created they included a prize for 2nd place, an Unreal Engine 3 license to publish our game in the future.

My title within the group was Lead Animator/Rigger. I was tasked with judging when characters were suitable for rigging and animation. These characters were imported into UDK along with their animations. Another one of my tasks was to set up material shaders for the skeletal mesh assets.

Click HERE to read some more about the competition on the Unreal Engine website.